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Navvia software helps you easily create, improve and manage your ITSM processes.
The social collaboration capability empowers you to take a people-focused approach in building effective processes. Happy people make happy organizations.

  • Requires no setup or administration on your end
  • All maintenance and upgrades are included in the annual subscription fee
  • Constantly and seamlessly evolving in the background
  • Runs on all popular browsers
  • Accessible from any corner of the world with Internet access
  • Branded with your company name and logo
  • Built on a logical structure, years of industry best practices, and a sensible user interface
  • Designed for effective collaboration
  • Equipped with a growing library of customizable ITSM & CobiT® process templates and standards
  • Training and assistance available at your fingertips whenever, however, you want it

Navvia tools for navigating process management

Tool modules

ITSM survey
ITSM design
ITSM verify
ITSM collaborate

Bonus modules

ITSM education
ITSM essentials

Quickly survey the health of your ITSM processes

A big part of any ITSM program is continuously monitoring the effectiveness of your processes.

The Navvia Survey tool facilitates soliciting feedback directly from your stakeholders and end-users. Create questionnaires from the ground up, or customize an existing template based on ITIL®, CobiT®, CMM and ISO15504 standards from our growing library. Use this tool to identify deficiencies and set benchmarks for continuous improvement.

The result? A clear roadmap to arrive at better business outcomes.

Easily create and document your ITSM processes

Clear, concise and easily accessible documentation is the key to keeping people on the same page and to retaining "corporate knowledge" even when teams change.

With the Navvia Design tool you can create processes from one of our many ITIL ® templates or even from scratch. The Design tool creates all your process artifacts for you - process guides, swim-lane flows, RACI charts, mind maps, requirements documentation and more. Everything is created from a single source and published to a FREE portal for all to see . Better yet, Navvia keeps all the artifacts in sync. Change the name of a role and it's reflected across all the documents.

Navvia takes the drudgery out of creating and maintaining your processes.

Make friends with the IT auditors

Processes deliver real business value when they are effectively and consistently adhered to.

The Navvia Verify software makes it easy to establish control protocols based on formal structures such as Sarbanes Oxley, CobiT®, ISO20000 or your own. Use this software to automate task assignment and evidence collection, as well as confirm compliance from accountable parties at regular intervals. This means you are ready for audit time, every time.

Best of all, you now have the information required to make real and lasting improvements.

Work together

Effective collaboration is the cornerstone to ITSM adoption and with the Navvia Collaborate software you can extend the conversation to everyone in your organization.

Enhance productivity by taking a social and people-focused approach across all aspects of your ITSM program from process design to continual service improvement. Get a 360° view of your ITSM processes by encouraging feedback from across the organization in a structured yet flexible and real time manner.

Collaborate brings your ITSM program into the social era!

Get the training you need, LIVE or On-demand

Let Navvia Learn play a key role in your ITSM communications and training program.

Built into the Navvia software is a rich curriculum of both product and ITSM training – available to everyone in your company. Whether it's learning to navigate the product, taking your ITIL® Foundations course, learning the intricacies of IT governance or educating your executives with an Introduction to Service Management, Navvia provides the right training at the right time.

So you can get your people up to speed - fast.

The hub of your ITSM Program

Need to get all this great content out to your organization? Navvia comes with a powerful portal for your ITSM program.

Navvia Essentials makes it really simple to provide your stakeholders with permission-based access to your content. Imagine, all your process docs in one place for everyone to use.

Available freely to everyone in your organization, including access to all the great training in the Learn module, and engagement via our social platform, Collaborate.

All editions include:

  • Unlimited email support, software training and product updates
  • Rich library of assessment, process and governance templates covering ITIL®, COBIT®, ISO20000, ISO15504 and more
  • The ability to create an unlimited number of surveys, processes and governance instances based on our templates or from scratch
  • Easy export to industry standard formats such as MS Word, MS Excel, PDF and others
  • SSO (Single Sign On) support
  • Unlimited read only users, 10 movable editor licenses


Starting at US $13,490 / year

A comprehensive solution for any organization looking to save time and money in the assessment, design and governance of IT and other business processes

With full access to Survey, Design, Verify, Collaborate, Learn and full Training & Support for 10+ editors & unlimited basic users


Starting at US $20,230 / year

A powerful tool for consulting firms and software vendors which improves the efficiency and effectiveness of their professional services delivery model

With full access to Survey, Design, Verify, Collaborate, Learn and advanced Training & Support for flexible access, tailored to meet requirements

Editions Survey Design Verify Collab Learn Access Level Training & Support Pricing


x x x x x Limited - add your logo within the application x Starting at US $13,490 / year


x x x x x Advanced - unique URL, login page, email notifications and more... x
Starting at US $20,230 / year

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