Look Outside Your Industry for Business Process Inspiration

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If you are looking for opportunities to improve your business process efforts, don’t restrict yourself to your own industry. Examining what makes other, different, organizations successful can give you valuable inspiration that may provide you with unexpected opportunities for improvement in your own business.

Learn lessons from other’s success story

Look at companies that consistently outperform their competition no matter what sector they are in. See if you can work out just what their point of difference is – what is it that they do better than their competition? Regardless of the product or services that they are providing there will be valuable lessons you can learn from their business processes.

When you have a particularly positive experience as a customer, deconstruct what happened – what did they do that made the transaction so pleasing? How can your business create that same feeling of satisfaction in your customers? By tracing the experience backwards, from fulfilment back to your first contact with the business, you may be able to pinpoint those process points of difference that contributed to the success of your customer experience.

Challenge the status quo

One of the keys to effective business process management (BPM) is to constantly challenge the status quo. A good process today may not be so effective in six months’ time.  You cannot afford to neglect your processes once they have been put in place. Without due care and attention they will lose value and effectiveness as the business landscape changes around them. It is important to review current processes for relevance on a regular basis.

A 2013 Gartner report on Business Process Management stresses the need to move from a continuous improvement mindset to one of continuous transformation. When this happens BPM is able to really prove its value to the enterprise.

Business Process Management is critical to success

The rate of change that we are experiencing in business, as organizations struggle to adapt to the new digital economy, makes BPM a critical factor in the survival of many businesses. Those who are unable to adapt quickly to change, modifying the way they do business to react to market conditions, are unlikely to prosper and will soon become irrelevant to their customer base as new players move into the space.

Many successful businesses that have failed to adapt to this new digital economy have fallen by the wayside as the new kids in town have brought exciting, new ways of doing business to the market. It is truly a case of adapt or die for many well-known names in all areas of endeavour. If you do not want your organization to be a casualty of this new turf war, then it is time to treat BPM seriously and elevate it to a position that reflects its true value to the business. Without a flexible and responsive BPM capability your business will simply not be able to meet the demands of the digital economy.

David Mainville

David Mainville, CEO and co-founder of Navvia, is a passionate advocate of Service Management and a frequent presenter, blogger and well known member of the ITSM community. With over 35 years of experience, David has held progressively senior technical and management roles allowing him to "connect the dots" between the Business and IT. At Navvia, David leads the charge to bring innovative ITSM solutions to market focusing on Product Development, Marketing and Operations.

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