PRESS RELEASE: Process-Driven User Stories – Innovative approach to Digital Transformation Success

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Process-Driven User Stories Command Center

July 26, 2021 – Toronto Canada – Navvia, a leading provider of Process Analysis and Documentation software, announces the release of ” Process-Driven User Stories.”

This new feature allows business and process analysts to quickly and easily capture User Stories while documenting business process flows.

“All too often, it’s the technology, and not the requirements of the business, that drives Digital Transformations,” says David Mainville, CEO, and co-founder of Navvia. “This technology-driven approach often leads to a disconnect between IT and the business, resulting in development rework and missed deadlines.”

Navvia now lets you capture relevant User Stories for each step in the process. You can then associate technical specifications to the User Story, create User Story documentation, and send requirements across our API to products such as ServiceNow®.

Process-Driven User Stories joins the other capabilities of the Navvia SaaS-based Process Analysis software, including:

  • Process maturity assessments for identifying gaps
  • Automatic generation of process documentation to drive productivity
  • The capture of business and technical requirements to drive process automation
  • The tracking of process controls in support of compliance and audit

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About Navvia:

Since 1999, Navvia has been helping the Fortune 1000 reduce costs and improve effectiveness by implementing agile IT and business processes. The Navvia Process Designer allows both Enterprises and Process Consulting Companies to enhance the productivity and effectiveness of their consultants, business analysts, and process architects.

Navvia is a registered Technology Partner of Servicenow® Inc.

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75% of digital transformation initiatives will fail to meet business objectives.

Digital Transformation initiatives are on the rise, and you may very well be part of one today.  These significant IT projects face many challenges that can lead to their failure. Two of these challenges include undefined processes and unclear requirements.

Process-Driven user stories provide a methodology to ensure development is driven through a clear understanding of the business objectives (process) and by listening to the voice of the customer (user stories).

The result will be better alignment between the needs of the business and the IT implementation.

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