Talking ITSM? – Careful, you may just get your mouth washed out with soap!

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During his 32 years in Service Management, Navvia’s CEO & co-founder David Mainville has seen countless examples of how ITSM has improved business outcomes. So why has ‘process’ become a bad word? It’s because too many ITSM programs have the wrong focus and are stuck in the weeds.

Check out David Manville’s recent presentation from the ITSMF | HDI Fusion 12 conference and learn how to elevate your program and get management buy in!


1. Talking ITSM: Careful, you may just get your mouth washed out with soap! Breakfast Briefing Session 10
2. David Mainville CEO, Co-founder, Navvia
3. What an inspirational day!
4. When it comes to Service Management… CMDB ? …I’m a little “long in the tooth”
5. Well, maybe not that long….
6. Over the years I’ve developed a passion for ITSM…. ITSM …Because it works!
7. So why is it when you propose ITSM….
8. You may just get your mouth… …washed out with SOAP!
9. Has your management said… Not another word abut I don’t want to ITIL! Hear about Process! 6 months to implement change? Just slam it in!
10. Do you blame the exercise bike… …for not getting fit?
11. Do you blame the diet… …for not losing weight?
12. Do you blame the instrument… …for not learning to play?
13. ITSM / ITIL is a body of knowledge….
14. Because too many… …programs are stuck in the weeds!
15. So where should the focus be?
16. I’m not the only one… “Process maturity is a good thing to focus on and measure, but it is a means to an end… businesses care about IT process maturity in so far as there is a demonstrable link to improving service outcomes”. Gartner Inc.
17. Mapping outcomes to ITSM… Outcomes Requirements Processes Tool & Data Faster Cycle Time Request Define DATA Free up capital for Fulfillment required to open new services Process the incident Self Service Portal Incident Define integration Improve Customer Management with Active Experience of IT Process Directory “Live Chat” Support Capability Improve transition of new services Screen Design into production Satisfaction Metrics
18. An Alternate View…
19. The vendor says no need for process, it’s “out of the box”…. …It takes too long & it is hard work We can never get anyone to agree… …The last project that focused on process failed We tried to implement ITIL, and that didn’t work… …Our management is not supportive
20. The world’s most recognized brands……Achieve Business Outcomes through Consistent Processes
21. Process means consistent outcomes – delivered!
22. It’s just common sense, right? Good ideas sell themselves
23. Selling starts with inspiration…“Start With Why – How Great Leaders InspireEveryone to Take Action” – Simon Sinek
24. So what’s in it for me?People need to know why…they need to know the WIIFM…
25. Everyone has their own perspective… The CEO The CIO Shouldn’t IT just works? How do I demonstrate I’ve got a business to run that IT is aligned to the and services to deliver business? The IT Manager The Technical Staff I&O is consuming 60% of I haven’t got time for my budget, I can’t afford process, it just means an ITSM project more work!
26. The Universal Translator ITSM Means CEO: Better Technician:Services, Fast Fewer 3AM Calls CIO: Clear Manager: Proof of Reduced I&O Alignment Costs

27. Don’t get your mouth washed out with soap!

• There is a backlash towards ITSM• The backlash stems from ITSM programs having the wrong focus

• Every ITSM program should focus on meaningful outcomes

• Meaningful outcomes differ by stakeholder

• Remember – the world’s best companies know that success comes from delivering in a consistent repeatable way

• Process isn’t a bad word, but it’s the how, not the why

• Sell the value of your ITSM program by starting with the “why” & communicating the WIIFM
28. Thank You! David Mainville Twitter: @mainville

29. Our Company 14 years supporting the ITSM community!

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David Mainville

David Mainville, CEO and co-founder of Navvia, is a passionate advocate of Service Management and a frequent presenter, blogger and well known member of the ITSM community. With over 35 years of experience, David has held progressively senior technical and management roles allowing him to "connect the dots" between the Business and IT. At Navvia, David leads the charge to bring innovative ITSM solutions to market focusing on Product Development, Marketing and Operations.

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