What are the Sponsor’s Responsibilities for Influencer Marketing?

featuring Amanda Maksymiw

What are the Sponsor’s Responsibilities for Influencer Marketing?

featuring Amanda Maksymiw

For the influencer marketing program to get off the ground and yield results, there must be commitment from both the top and the bottom on the importance of the initiative, along with agreement on what must be prioritized to improve the program over time. It is your responsibility to convey the importance of the influencer marketing program to the entire company and to make sure that you have commitment.

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Editor’s note: This post is a part of a series that was created to help you define and build the practice of influencer marketing into your company. This series will walk you through the process, necessary roles, and best practices to get started with influencer marketing quickly and effectively.

You can also download a the complete series in the form of our free eBook, The Value of Influence: The Ultimate Guide to Influencer Marketing.


Use the following checklist to ensure that this effort will have the greatest probability of success.

As the senior sponsor, it is your job to manage the influencer relations specialist and to ensure that the CEO and executive team members are engaging appropriately.

  • All of the items on the CEO/executive team checklist have been checked.
  • I have shared the descriptions of our company’s target personas to the influencer relations specialist to help him/her focus on developing the program around the appropriate audience.
  • I have communicated the targets and goals of the program to the influencer relations specialist.
  • I have created a budget and timeline for the initiative.
  • I will ensure that the influencer relations specialist will have the content and messaging he/she needs to effectively target and build relationships with key influencers.
  • I have chosen and implemented an appropriate tool to manage the activities and database for the influencer marketing program.
  • I will ensure that the influencer relations specialist is 1) developing influencer personas and segmenting the influencers by persona, and 2) is focusing on the most appropriate influencers, based on the goals of the program.
  • I have trained the influencer relations specialist on the system to manage the process.
  • The influencer relations specialist is engaged and understands what he/she needs to do.
  • The influencer relations specialist has completed his/her checklist.
  • I have gained commitments from our company’s executives and customers to participate in demos, briefings, interviews, etc.
  • I am committed to conducting briefings, meetings, interviews, etc., with influencers.
  • I have created a planning and reporting schedule to help manage the influencer relations specialist’s efforts and remove impediments to success.
  • I will present reviews and proposed adjustments to the CEO/executive team on a quarterly basis.

Next in this series, call the checklist for the influencer relations specialist.


Amanda Maksymiw worked at OpenView from 2008 until 2012, where she focused on developing marketing and PR strategies for both OpenView and its portfolio companies. Today she is the Content Marketing Manager at Lattice Engines - Predictive Marketing and Sales...

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