What is your disaster recovery plan?

The Plan

  • Our hosting partner performs system monitoring and alerts Navvia in the event of a system outage. Navvia also performs separate application monitoring that provides automated alerts to the Disaster Recovery Process Manager who in turn updates the Process Owner.
  • The Process Owner evaluates the situation and a decision is made whether to declare a disaster.
  • Once declared, the Process Manager administers the disaster recovery with the technical assistance of the Technical Architect.



  • Production data is mirrored to the backup facility.
  • A test of the mirrored environment is done monthly. This ensures the backup facility is ready in the event of a disaster. Results of the monthly test are documented.
  • A test of the full DR plan is done annually. Results of the test are documented. The DR plan is reviewed annually.


Customer Notification

  • Clients are notified by email if a disaster is declared.
  • Our RTO (Recovery Time Objective) is up to 24 hours.
  • Our RPO (Recovery Point Objective) is up to 8 hours.

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