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Easy Vista

Using Navvia, our organization has been able to stand up processes quickly. The pre-packaged templates gave us an excellent starting point. After an initial training session, the IT Governance team has used this product multiple times to create processes on our own. We’ve also used Navvia for creating non-ITIL related processes.

In order to organize our SOX Controls, we are using the VERIFY tool to document all of our IT Controls. This includes the tasks that are required for each control, and email reminders to the appropriate groups. We plan on expanding the use of VERIFY so that our internal and external auditors have visibility into our controls, which will also include auditing information as to who performed each control test and what date it was signed off on.

The entire Navvia suite of products is an excellent value. We plan on using the LEARN and SURVEY tools in 2014. The pricing model is very straightforward. All of the products have been enhanced since we first purchased the product in 2009. The new interface is very intuitive. I would highly recommend this product to any company who is starting an ITIL practice or is using another tool.

• Posted by Chief Navvian on Oct 21, 2015
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