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Do you know the importance of an ITSM program office? 

Join David Mainville, CEO & Co-Founder of Navvia, and George Spalding, Executive Vice President at Pink Elephant, for a lively discussion on the value of an ITSM Program Office.

One area where an IT organization, especially a large one, should place some organizational focus when starting an IT Service Management initiative is a group that acts as the “glue” - a group focused on assisting all the other departments and functions with the practice of service management. Call it a Service Management Office, an Action Team, a Program Office, the name doesn’t really matter. 

Their function is to:
  • Set standards for process design and documentation
  • Lead the ITSM tool selection
  • Standardization and integration
  • Define functional specifications for tool implementation
  • Develop metrics and reporting
  • Lead continual service improvement efforts
  • Assist the business with the development of processes and procedures
  • Set up governance for the processes and take corrective action where required.

Every organization already has people performing all or part of these roles. By bringing them together into a single service management program office you stand a much better chance of making ITSM a well-entrenched practice within your company. That is where the real value lies.