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Our Vision

Giving organizations a simple and cost-effective way
to design and document processes

We founded Navvia in 1999 with the vision of providing organizations with the software, templates, and services to simplify the design, documentation and implementation of ITSM and business processes.

The Navvia Process designer embodies our vision and has evolved into the most powerful and easy-to-use process designer for IT and Business Processes. 

As a leading BPM company, we continually strive to provide features that help organizations improve productivity, save money and drive the benefits of process design, documentation and implementation.

Navvia History


Karl Bietsch and David Mainville found Navvia to provide an alternative to traditional ITSM implementations.


Navvia releases our software's first internal use version to support our ITSM and business process consulting engagements.


Navvia releases the first commercial version of the Navvia Process Designer to enterprise organizations looking to save time and money on ITSM implementations.


Navvia releases the Consultant Edition to provide software vendors and consulting organizations with tools to manage intellectual property and improve productivity.


Navvia implements document profiles along with significant performance and usability improvements.


Gartner recognizes Navvia as a Cool Vendor.


Navvia releases the improved Navvia Process Designer with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface built on top of our robust process design and documentation bpm software.


Navvia exits the consulting business to focus solely on the Navvia Process Designer software as a service offering.


Navvia continued to evolve the product with an all-new UI, Process Approval Workflow, and improved document formatting.

2020 and Beyond

Navvia releases our API, ServiceNow integration, updated templates, Visio® import, and more.

Leadership team

Karl Bietsch
David Mainville YB
David Mainville
CEO & Co-Founder
Tony Richards

The ServiceNow related Process Documents are a very big win for us in that we are very heavily reliant on the tool. Being able to create customized Process documents for our processes is also a very big win for us.

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Mark C.
Process Architect, Sr. Advisor, IT Service Management Process Thought Leader

The fact that Navvia offers Process Accelerators for ServiceNow is a huge plus. It gives you a jump start on the process with a lot of the attributes already defined and documented (tool specs, data specs, states, notifications, metrics, etc). This saved us hours...

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Jeremy H.
IT Team Leader (IT Service Center and PC/Telecom Services)
Christiana Care Health System

A great tool for documenting any process along with a vast assortment of utilities and training... 

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David A
Director Service Management Office
Columbia University

Process Design Beyond Workflows...

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Lloyd T.
Senior Consultant
Management Consulting Firm