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Whether you are a Business Process Analyst, Process Consultant, or Digital Transformation professional, the Navvia process documentation tool can save you significant time and money on process design, documentation, and implementation.

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Navvia Business Process Analyst

Business Process Analyst

Does your “spidey sense” tells you there is much more to a process than a flowchart?

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Process Consultant


Are you applying your power to a business process or digital transformation practice?

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Are you a member of the league of extraordinary ITSM professionals?

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Navvia Process Designer

An essential process documentation tool to level up your process powers


The ServiceNow related Process Documents are a very big win for us in that we are very heavily reliant on the tool. Being able to create customized Process documents for our processes is also a very big win for us.

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Mark C.
Process Architect, Sr. Advisor, IT Service Management Process Thought Leader

The fact that Navvia offers Process Accelerators for ServiceNow is a huge plus. It gives you a jump start on the process with a lot of the attributes already defined and documented (tool specs, data specs, states, notifications, metrics, etc). This saved us hours...

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Jeremy H.
IT Team Leader (IT Service Center and PC/Telecom Services)
Christiana Care Health System

A great tool for documenting any process along with a vast assortment of utilities and training... 

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David A
Director Service Management Office
Columbia University

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New Feature

User Story Mapping

Capture user stories for every step in your process. Map detailed technical requirements to your user stories.

This provides tighter alignment between the business objectives and the technical implementation of your process.

Bottom Line: Less rework and faster time to market

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