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Navvia Unlocks Savings and Efficiency

In times of economic uncertainty, process heroes must look for ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Navvia drives cost-savings by improving the productivity of your Business Process Analysts, Streamlining Processes, and accelerating Business Process Automation and Digital Transformation.

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Character- Corporation

Corporate, Private and Public Sector Organizations

Streamline processes, drive efficiency and accelerate Business Process Automation

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Business Process Consulting

Dramatically improve the productivity of your business process consultants

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Navvia Process Designer

An essential process documentation tool to level up your process powers


Product Features

Business process modeling is crucial for modern organizations.  The Navvia process designer is world-class software that enables quick and cost-effective design and documentation of business processes.  Navvia also drives business process automation through user story mapping and capturing technical and functional requirements.  Check out our guide to selecting a business process mapping tool, and read on to learn more about Navvia's features!

Process Design
Process Design

Quickly Design & Document Processes

Navvia is a powerful and easy-to-use business process modeling tool.  Leverage our extensive library of IT Service Management and Business Process templates.  Easily model processes in our drag-and-drop interface.  Navvia supports business process modeling notation and common flowchart shapes.  Capture user stories and technical requirements to drive Digital Transformation.  Automatically produce process guides, RACI charts, SIPOC diagrams, and more.

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Process Improvement
Process Improvement

Drive Process Improvements

Navvia is much more than business process modelling software.  Navvia has features to govern and improve your processes.  Assess process capability and maturity using a library of assessment questionnaires.   Prepare for audits by collecting evidence of process compliance.  Identify gaps and drive continual improvement.

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Collaborative Process Design
Process Repository

Securely Organize & Share Processes

Navvia goes beyond other process modelling tools by giving you features to securely share processes across the organization.  Improve communication by creating a centralized repository for all your business processes.  Provide secure access to everyone in your organization.  Navvia does not charge for process viewers.

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What our Customers are saying

The ServiceNow related Process Documents are a very big win for us in that we are very heavily reliant on the tool. Being able to create customized Process documents for our processes is also a very big win for us.

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Mark C.
Process Architect, Sr. Advisor, IT Service Management Process Thought Leader

The fact that Navvia offers Process Accelerators for ServiceNow is a huge plus. It gives you a jump start on the process with a lot of the attributes already defined and documented (tool specs, data specs, states, notifications, metrics, etc). This saved us hours...

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Jeremy H.
IT Team Leader (IT Service Center and PC/Telecom Services)
Christiana Care Health System

A great tool for documenting any process along with a vast assortment of utilities and training... 

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David A
Director Service Management Office
Columbia University

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