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Navvia Unlocks Savings and Efficiency

In times of economic uncertainty, process heroes must look for ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Navvia drives cost-savings by improving the productivity of your Business Process Analysts, Streamlining Processes, and accelerating Business Process Automation and Digital Transformation.

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Character- Corporation

Corporate, Private and Public Sector Organizations

Streamline processes, drive efficiency and accelerate Business Process Automation

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Business Process Consulting

Dramatically improve the productivity of your business process consultants

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Navvia Process Designer

An essential process documentation tool to level up your process powers


The ServiceNow related Process Documents are a very big win for us in that we are very heavily reliant on the tool. Being able to create customized Process documents for our processes is also a very big win for us.

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Mark C.
Process Architect, Sr. Advisor, IT Service Management Process Thought Leader

The fact that Navvia offers Process Accelerators for ServiceNow is a huge plus. It gives you a jump start on the process with a lot of the attributes already defined and documented (tool specs, data specs, states, notifications, metrics, etc). This saved us hours...

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Jeremy H.
IT Team Leader (IT Service Center and PC/Telecom Services)
Christiana Care Health System

A great tool for documenting any process along with a vast assortment of utilities and training... 

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David A
Director Service Management Office
Columbia University

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