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Questions & Answers

Navvia is a leading process mapping and process documentation software. 

Check out our FAQ or contact us if you have additional questions.


  • Navvia is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution hosted in the cloud. There is absolutely nothing you need to install on your end.  Refer elsewhere in this FAQ for information on our datacenters, hosting locations and security.

Supported Browsers

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer® 11
  • Google Chrome® 53 or newer for Windows® or MacOS®
  • Apple Safari® 9 or newer for MacOS
  • We do not officially support Microsoft Edge® or Firefox® or any other browser not listed above
  • We do not officially support Navvia on mobile phones or tablets

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows® 7 and higher
  • MacOS® version 10.9 and higher

Document Exports

  • Microsoft Office® 2003 and higher
  • Microsoft Office for MacOS 2011 and higher
  • Adobe® 8 and higher
  • We do not officially support other “office suites” or PDF viewers

Microsoft Azure

  • The Navvia application is hosted on Microsoft's world-class Azure platform.  Microsoft Azure is a leader in the global data center marketplace and has developed its products to be among the best and most secure in the industry.


  • The production instance of Navvia is hosted in Microsoft's Canada Central region.   The DR environment is hosted in the Canada East region.


Application Security

Our Navvia application has been architected from the ground up to be safe and secure:

  • Build on the latest versions of Microsoft IIS, Microsoft SQL and Microsoft .NET
  • Use of secure sockets, port 443 with a Security certificate issued by Network Solutions
  • AES-256 encryption for all data communications
  • AES-256 encryption for data at rest
  • Hardened images - all unused server ports are locked down
  • Support for complex passwords
  • Ability to restrict user access by IP address
  • Support for Single Sign On (SAML 2.0)

Physical Security

We house the development, testing, staging and production instances of Navvia on Microsofts world-class Azure platform.  Details of Microsoft's physical security can be found here:  Azure Physical Security  

Penetration Testing

  • Navvia conducts a semi-annual penetration test of the production system. Navvia support staff reviews results of the test and any identified issues are prioritized and remediated as quickly as possible based on the impact and urgency of the issue.
  • Clients are permitted to conduct their own penetration test of the Navvia software. These tests must be scheduled with Navvia and are conducted at the client's expense. To schedule a test please contact support @

Backup Frequency

  • All backups are encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption.
  • The backups schedule maintains 7 daily backups, 5 weekly backups, 13 monthly backups, and two full year backups.  The database transaction log is backed up hourly to enable point in time recovery.

Offsite Storage

  • Data is replicated automatically to the DR facility which is located approximately 280 miles from production.


All backups are encrypted using AES 256 bit encryption.

The Plan

  • Automated system monitoring alerts Navvia in the event of a system outage.
  • The Process Owner evaluates the situation and a decision is made whether to declare a disaster.
  • Once declared, the Process Manager administers the disaster recovery with the technical assistance of the Technical Architect.


  • Production data constantly replicates to the DR instance of Navvia.
  • A test of the DR environment is done monthly.
  • A test of the full DR plan is done annually.
  • The DR plan is reviewed annually.

Customer Notification

  • Clients are notified by email if a disaster is declared.
  • Our RTO (Recovery Time Objective) is up to 4 hours.
  • Our RPO (Recovery Point Objective) is up to 1 hours.
Navvia has a variety of training and support options. Custom offerings can be made available through our professional services team.

Product Training

  • Live instructor led training is provided as part of Client onboarding
  • Live "ask an expert" sessions are offered multiple times each week
  • Recorded versions of the product training are available within our support portal


ITSM training

  • Included FREE with the Navvia subscription is access to a curriculum of virtual instructor led training and recorded ITSM courses. Courses include:
    • ITIL® in 10 minutes
    • ITSM Overview
    • ITIL® 2011 Foundation
    • ITIL® 4 Foundation
    • ITSM Awareness, IT Governance, Process Assessment, and Effective Process Design
  • Value priced CBT courses are also available on demand. Courses include:
    • ITIL® Lifecycle
    • ITIL® Capability
    • ITIL® MALC
    • ISO20000®
    • Prince2® and more
  • ITSM Awareness Class :
    • Visit the our ITSM training page on our site


Product Support

  • Product support is available right in the application.  Customer can browse the knowledge base, submit a ticket or initiate a live chat.  Support is available Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm Eastern Time.  Tickets will be responded to within 1 business day.

Yes, your data belongs to you and can be exported in the event you cancel your subscription.  Data can be exported as various Microsoft Office® documents and PDF formats.