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This is the story of Navvia

We are people passionate about helping companies improve business outcomes. For over a decade, our parent company, Consulting-Portal, has proven this ambition by assisting countless organizations design and implement effective IT and business processes that increase business value.

Passion to help becomes passion to empower. Combining our ITSM success with a desire to simplify process management, we built the first cloud-based process software to aid IT Service Management (ITSM) practitioners. We called it ITOptimizer.

Today, ITOptimizer has evolved and become Navvia. This new name reflects our guiding principle of simplicity, as well as the broader process management capabilities of our product and services beyond ITSM. Derived from the roots "navigate" and "via", it illustrates how Navvia empowers businesses with clear navigation to steer their ships to the desired destinations.


Consulting-Portal is founded by chief Navvians David Mainville and Karl Bietsch. As veterans in service management, they have helped countless organizations implement streamlined processes that meet both business and customer needs.


We release the first iteration of our process modeling tool, which is used by our consultants on large client projects.


We release ITOptimizer as a SaaS-based toolkit designed to assist in developing IT Service Management (ITSM) programs.


Our consultants and developers work closely to add a host of comprehensive features and functionality to ITOptimizer. Our product begins to gain industry recognition, and becomes widely used by industry professionals.


ITOptimizer evolves into Navvia - online software that is robust, intuitive and flexible for managing both IT and business processes.

Now + beyond

Focus on improving Navvia's user interface for increased ease of use. Add more functionality to support full lifecycle management and automation. Nurture the growth of the Navvian community before launching a marketplace where Navvians can develop and exchange apps, plugins, templates, best practices, and more.


David Mainville CEO & Co-founder of Consulting-Portal, ITOptimizer and Navvia

CEO & Co-founder

Chief Navvian

David Mainville


Having worn many different hats in the last 30 years, David has gained a wealth of knowledge, practical experience and proven success along the way.

As the co-founder and CEO of Consulting-Portal, he channels his passion and experience to building and running the business. This includes ownership for all the Service Management processes from Service Strategy to Continual Service Improvement (CSI) required to design, deploy and operate ITOptimizer, and now Navvia.

In his early years as a Field Operations Manager, David gained valuable industry experience using client facing processes such as Service Catalog and Service Level Management and Continual Service Improvement.

Later on, as a Solutions Architect, Practice Principal and Professional Services Director, David was actively involved in Service Design through the creation of numerous service offerings.

As a Senior Field Engineer, David was on the front line of Service Operations processes such as Incident Management, Change Management and Configuration Management.

David is a frequent contributor to IT Service Management (ITSM) publications, a seasoned speaker and lecturer, and has been a guest on numerous webinars and podcasts. David takes pleasure in sharing his expertise and experience. He is an active blogger on topics as wide ranging as Effective Process Design, ITSM governance and Cloud Computing.

David holds a diploma in computer technology and studied Business Administration at York University in Toronto, Canada. Away from the office, he enjoys time with his wife Tonga and their two Jack Russell Terriers. David is also a music man, and spends time practicing his drums and bass guitar.

As an IT Operational Excellence Industry Specialist with over 30 years of practical experience, Karl has served in an Account Management and Sales role at Consulting-Portal since the company was founded in 1999.

Prior to that, Karl held some notable director and management positions such as:

  • General Manager Southern Region for EMC/Millennia III (an Enterprise Systems Management Consultancy)
  • Process Owner for Sprint's Baldridge National Quality Program
  • Director of Channel Management for Sprint
  • Director of Marketing for Sprint
  • Manhattan Branch Sales Manager for Sprint
  • Plus various management positions at Storage Technology, Memorex and Systems Management Corporation

Karl is also actively involved in the ITSM community and serves on the board of the itSMF Local Interest Group in Atlanta, GA as Program's Chair.

Karl holds a BSBA degree in Business Administration from Bryant University in Smithfield RI.

Away from the office, Karl, is a member of the National Ski Patrol, and his wife and son enjoy skiing, tennis and spending time together outdoors.

Karl Bietsch Co-founder of Consulting-Portal


Account Management / Sales

Karl Bietsch


Tony Richards Chairman of Consulting-Portal


Strategy, Planning, Finance

Tony Richards

Tony formerly served as Managing Director for Lehman Brothers in the 1990’s and then was Head of Fixed Income for UBS Global Asset Management. In addition, Tony launched and ran an independent Asset Management Firm, which he sold to the employees in March of 2013.

In 2003 and 2004, Tony served as the CEO of Consulting Portal, Inc., the parent company of Navvia. He also has significant experience serving as a Board Member for several firms. In March of 2013, he was very excited to rejoin his fellow colleagues as part of the Navvia management team.

Tony holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Bryant University and is an avid musician.