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Jim Howard

General Dynamics Information Technology

GDIT has been using Navvia for more than two years and found it a very valuable tool. Unlike most IT organizations, we are supporting government IT facilities worldwide with on premise personnel. It's like having 100 different IT departments! We utilize Navvia from the proposal phase, where it has proven to be a real time saver, through to the delivery of the services on-site. As anyone who has been in the ITSM arena for any length of time knows, ITIL is long on "what to do" but short on "how to" and personnel coming out of ITIL training have really no idea of how to craft an effective process. Navvia has proven invaluable in providing easily tailored boilerplate for all of the ITIL processes. And SURVEY is very helpful in determining which processes need the most help early on and the effectiveness of the process once implemented. The CFFD's produced by DESIGN and the graphical displays of SURVEY make it easy show the improvement to the customer. The tool is well supported with prompt attention to any queries or requests for assistance.

Garrett Bagby

SunTrust Bank

Navvia (formally Consulting–Portal & ITOptimizer) has been instrumental in unifying the look and feel of our process documentation, implementing formalized ITSM governance for the first time, and measuring process maturity in a comprehensive and consistent way. Navvia struck a great balance with powerful tools that are flexible and easy to use. To top it off, communication and product support have been superb.

Mary West
Debra Davis
Jeniffer Oburu

McKesson Corporation

We have been using Navvia for the past 3 years leveraging mostly the SURVEY module to perform process maturity assessments on our ITSM processes. The tool has proven to be invaluable in building out our assessment capabilities by providing ITIL aligned assessment templates that are customizable for our environment. The project status tracking and reporting functionality have contributed significantly to the success of our assessment initiatives, by allowing us to analyze and communicate assessment results efficiently. In addition, the robust library of process documentation available in DESIGN, has served as excellent reference material to our Continual Service Improvement initiatives. It is also clear that Consulting-Portal is committed to meeting their customers' requirements, by the enhancements and improved functionality we have seen rolled out over the years.

Mike Sackler

Loews Corporation

Using Navvia, our organization has been able to stand up processes quickly. The pre-packaged templates gave us an excellent starting point. After an initial training session, the IT Governance team has used this product multiple times to create processes on our own. We've also used Navvia for creating non-ITIL related processes.

In order to organize our SOX Controls, we are using the VERIFY tool to document all of our IT Controls. This includes the tasks that are required for each control, and email reminders to the appropriate groups. We plan on expanding the use of VERIFY so that our internal and external auditors have visibility into our controls, which will also include auditing information as to who performed each control test and what date it was signed off on.

The entire Navvia suite of products is an excellent value. We plan on using the LEARN and SURVEY tools in 2014. The pricing model is very straightforward. All of the products have been enhanced since we first purchased the product in 2009. The new interface is very intuitive. I would highly recommend this product to any company who is starting an ITIL practice or is using another tool.

Bob Stiffler

Baptist Health System

We started our ITIL journey in earnest a little over 2 years ago. We were struggling to get a starting point and writing process documents manually was extremely time consuming. We purchased Navvia and were quickly able use SURVEY to do a process maturity assessment on our core processes, Incident, Problem, and Change. Once this was done we then used DESIGN to document our core processes ensuring they were compliant with ITIL V3. We are now beginning to use VERIFY to ensure compliance with the processes as we mature them. We have also taken advantage of LEARN to train all of our IT team leads with ITIL V3 Foundations. Navvia is currently an integral part of our ITIL journey.

Brian Rogers

Ontario Lottery & Gaming

I've found the Navvia Tool and its modules to be very useful, time and cost saving in our Process Improvement and Governance Program. The incredibly straightforward interface and function of the software simply make it an excellent platform for both advanced users and non-experienced users alike. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to improve and govern processes. Keep up the great work.

Dan Wolfe

The TelX Group

The Telx Group has benefitted significantly from both the tools within Navvia as well as their ITSM consulting expertise. We have leaned on the folks at Navvia for help documenting our processes and building awareness of ITIL throughout our organization. The survey tools within Navvia have helped us to set a benchmark to measure our progress towards adopting ITSM, and the process development tools within Navvia have been very useful as templates and building blocks to establishing more robust processes.

Thatcher Deane

County of Maui

The Navvia product allows a terrific jumpstart on ITSM process creation, once you have a clear path outlined. The webinar training for process design is useful. Together with good teams and fitting the process to the organization, Navvia provides a powerful tool to responsible process creation generating consistent documentation, reports and flows. Upgrades have been consistent, marked and meaningful improvements. The Webinar based training is helpful and support responses are quite speedy.

Malcolm Fry

ITIL Lite (book)

I quickly discovered that Navvia is a fast, flexible and practical solution for assessing, designing, documenting and governing both IT and business processes.

Nowadays you not only require proven processes but you also need to document those processes, often a time consuming chore but fast tailored documentation is one of the strengths of Navvia. You can create a process based on one of the many included ITSM templates or even design a process from scratch. Navvia will even create all the process documentation for you including flow charts, RACI diagrams and a host of other detailed artifacts. A really cool feature is that the output can be delivered in a customizable Word document, ready for those auditors or for reference by senior managers and other IT teams. Another powerful part of the solution is the assessment and governance modules. If you are looking for an ISO certification or a governance requirement such as Sarbanes Oxley the Navvia is the perfect tool. To help get you started, Navvia even comes with a curriculum of ITSM training, including ITIL V3 Foundations, delivered virtually by a live instructor.

Navvia is a great tool and will fit perfectly into the toolbox of any ITSM team, or Business Unit, looking to document and manage their processes.

Kenneth ("kengon") Gonzalez

Engaged Consulting

I love using Navvia! One of the things that I appreciate most is that it frees me from the burden of managing layout and formatting – I can stay focused on working with my customers and get to the real work at hand. The other thing that is essential is that the work becomes a "living reference". No more processes documentation that sits in binders on shelves gathering dust. Everything is managed online and it's easy to ensure that everyone is working off of the right version of the materials. The interface is easy and straightforward for even a novice user to navigate.

I also appreciate not having to generate loads of process connectivity diagrams, as it's never been what I would describe as "fun." They're more like a "necessary evil"! With Navvia, I don't have to do that anymore. It's a tremendous timesaver on both their creation and usage, as the diagrams are automatically generated and embedded into the generated documentation. I can already see that this capability will only improve with future releases.

It's great to be able to have a platform that helps me stay focused on what really counts. Also, the support team is incredibly responsive to my needs and requests. They're a real joy to work with. Anyone who is doing process-oriented work should seriously look at this platform, regardless of the vertical you work in. It's way more than just an "IT tool" – don't sell it or yourself short!

Nevine Iskandar

E2E ITSM Consulting

As an ITSM Consultant, I always look for ways and tools that can help me complete my assignments effectively and efficiently. As part of my research, and as recommended by some colleagues, I came across the IT Optimizer (Navvia) tool offered by the Consulting-Portal which when it was demonstrated to me, looked pretty good! After several enquiries regarding its security, as this is a SaaS technology, I was assured so were my colleagues, that Navvia met the security requirements we had for such a tool.

When I started using the tool, I was impressed with not only how comprehensive the tool is, but also with the quality of the output produced by it. It showed that the templates and process forms and checklists within the tool were build based on extensive experience and knowhow of the topics/processes. The different modules it provides (DESIGN for process documentation, SURVEY for process assessments, and VERIFY for process institutionalization) provide a great foundation for organizations throughout their ITIL, ISO/IEC 20000, CobiT implementation journeys, and process governance. Users with different maturity levels can use the tool and continue to benefit from its use as their maturity increases. Another aspect of Navvia which I valued is how easy it is to use Navvia as an extension of one's own organization, making it easy specially for consulting organizations to use it as... a tool! Reports generated by Navvia could carry the consulting organizations own logos making this a very flexible tool to use.

The VERIFY module is invaluable for organizations that look at institutionalizing their processes. So even if an organization is implementing CMMI for instance, with some work to build the process areas within the tool, they can then use the tool to track institutionalization, and determine when complacency is sitting in, giving them the opportunity to act on it and keep the momentum going!

In addition to the technical aspects of the tool, one of the most important factors I'd like to complement the CP team on and would like to emphasize in this testimonial is the superior level of customer service provided by the Navvia technical team. Whenever I had any queries, reported any issues or submitted suggestions for improvement, my submission was processed and acted upon overnight, which was very timely, given that I am located in Australia!

The free training provided through the LEARN module is a value-add!

The final positive indicator of the ‘goodness' of this tool that I would like to bring up is the continual improvement cycle Navvia is going through. The Consulting Portal is always working on refining the tool and adding functionality to it, making our (users) life a lot easier.

So, overall, I believe this is a tool that provides great value for money, regardless of the level of expertise of its users. Thanks you Navvia team; keep up the good work, we appreciate and value your efforts!

Dave Howard

Migration Technologies Inc (MiTech)

Whether you're just starting on you're ITSM journey or have been evolving you're practice Navvia can take it to the next level. Using the various modules, Navvia provides a baseline starting point, enables the development of strategic processes and enables validation and governance of the developed processes. Navvia has enabled my clients to mature their process quickly and become a value added asset to their organizations.

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