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Best Practices in Process Design and Documentation

by Chief Navvian on

Watch this webinar that unveils the ultimate best practices for Process Design and Documentation, aimed at driving efficiency and reducing costs. 

In this insightful webinar, we delved into the key strategies that can help you enhance your process design and documentation skills, leading to a significant boost in efficiency and cost savings.

Our discussion encompassed the following key areas:

  • Techniques to engage your stakeholders effectively.
  • The critical elements of a process that you must capture.
  • The relationship between process design and automation.
  • How to govern and improve your processes for optimal results.

Our guest speaker, David Mainville, CEO & Co-founder of Navvia provided valuable insights on how he utilized the Navvia Process Designer to improve business performance by providing structure, documentation, and enabling automation.


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We hope you enjoy the webinar. Want to go deeper into the benefits of Business Process Design and Documentation?  Check out this post on 7 Simple Rules for Process Design

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