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Business Process Management - Leading Digital Transformation

by Chief Navvian on

In our last post, we looked at the connection between Business Process Management (BPM) and Digital transformation. Now we take this a step further and look at how BPM can drive a business to be a leader in digital transformation rather than a follower of trends.

The IT organization has long wanted to step out of the shadows and take a seat in the boardroom where it can influence the direction and show the business how it can take a leading position in the race to provide innovation to its customers. 

BPM is the engine that drives this innovation forward, providing the tools needed to get exciting advances to the marketplace before the competition.

Driving Digital Adoption

Successful digitization adoption can radically change how the enterprise engages with its customers. It can allow them to innovate in emerging markets and optimize their operations to provide the best service at the lowest cost.

When you have adopted efficient and flexible business process management techniques in your organization, you will be able to react quickly to innovations, offering services to your customers before they know they want or need them. The business will reap the rewards when you consistently do this before your competition.

Rather than reacting to what the rest of the marketplace is doing, you will leave the competition scrambling to catch up. When your BPM is not optimized, it is difficult to change direction with the needed speed and agility.

Digital Transformation Investment

Investment in research is a critical factor in business success, and this is something that will only increase in importance. Discovering new technologies and finding ways to harness them to improve your offerings to customers before anyone else has been able to react will put your business in a position that will be hard to beat. But you must have the business process agility to allow you to implement the change and get it to market first.

The best ideas in the world will not help you if you cannot quickly act, change how you do things, and realize the potential of these innovations for your customer base before someone else beats you to the chase.

BPM and Digital Transformation

In a digitally transformed world, agile BPM is arguably one of the most critical capabilities a business can have. The unicorns of this world have learned this, and this is what has fired their success.

The days when your business could keep driving forward like a locomotive without changing direction are long gone. You need to drive a different type of vehicle now, one that can spin on a dime and reach the new finish line before the opposition has even noticed that it has moved.

All this may sound a bit frightening. What happens if you make a wrong turn in your eagerness to change? That may well happen, but if your business processes are agile enough, you can quickly change direction without losing too much ground.

Transformation should not be scary; it would be far more dangerous to ignore Digital Transformation – it is quite simply a matter of survival for modern enterprises.

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