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Creating ServiceNow User Stories with Navvia's User Story Express App

by David Mainville on

Today's webinar will cover our new App: User Story Express for ServiceNow®. This application facilitates the creation of ServiceNow user stories by importing user story information captured in the Navvia Process Designer.

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The Business Problem

 According to Gartner, 75% of IT implementation initiatives fail to meet their objectives.

Many organizations struggle with implementing new solutions, whether they are in the cloud or on platforms like ServiceNow®.  There are may factors that contribute to this high failure rate, including:

  • Corporate culture
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Lack of sponsorship
  • Silos in the organization
  • No consensus on goals, or where we're trying to go

Two of the key factors leading to failure are undefined processes and unclear requirements.  How so?  You can't automate what you don't understand.  Process outlines what you want to automate and requirements tell you how.

The solution: User Story Express for ServiceNow®

Navvia's new App, User Story Express for ServiceNow®, facilitates the importation of user story and requirements information captured by business analysts in the Navvia Process Designer. 

The app creates a corresponding user story on the ServiceNow® platform that has technical requirements linked directly to it.

The app will retrieve the following information from Navvia, including:

  • Process documentation (process guides & flowcharts)
  • User Story documentation
  • Technical requirements (data specifications, tool requirements, states, notifications, metrics, supporting documentation)

Also, facilitate the creation of:

  • User Story record in ServiceNow®
  • Knowledge articles
  • Document links to ServiceNow® modules
  • Document approvals

So what are the benefits of User Story Express for ServiceNow®?

  1. Better alignment to the needs of the business: You'll be able to start with the business process, capturing the voice of the customer with the user stories, then mapping the technical requirements.  
  2. Reduces re-work, saving you money and time:  Better upfront requirements lead to less back and forth and fewer errors.
  3. Captures the voice of the customer:  using a human-centred design approach.
  4. Supports Agile development:  It integrates User Stories right into the Agile module of ServiceNow®

We hope you enjoy the webinar. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions at 

User Story Express for ServiceNow lets you easily import process documentation, user stories and technical requirements from Navvia into ServiceNow!

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