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Enterprise Service Management Office: Lessons from Columbia University

by David Mainville on

In today's webinar, we host the Enterprise Service Management Office team from Columbia University. What follows is an engaging discussion where we discuss the following topics.

  • Reasons for Columbia forming an SMO
  • Service Management Office Organizational Structure
  • Integration of the SMO & PMO 
  • Implementation challenges
  • Benefits realized
  • Lessons Learned


Download Columbia Service Management Office Slides Here

The webinar includes insightful questions from our audience, which delve into many areas of concern, including:

  • ITSM tools
  • ITSM processes
  • Services
  • Service management activities
  • Measuring Success
  • Value proposition
  • The Role of Citizen developers
  • Executive sponsorship
  • and many, many more!

Not sure what a Service Management Office is?  

An SMO is a center of excellence responsible for the design, implementation, automation, and governance of ITSM processes and services.

Want to learn more about the Service Management Office?  Then check out this excellent resource: What is a Service Management Office? Everything you need to know. 

We at Navvia have always been staunch supporters of the Service Management Office, and we've seen firsthand how it can improve IT operations. The SMO brings a level of focus that is essential for a successful ITSM program. This webinar is an excellent resource for anyone looking to implement a Service Management office or improve their existing SMO.

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