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The Benefits of Establishing a Business Process Framework

by David Mainville on

Implementing a Business Process Framework is one of the best ways to support your company's Business Process Management (BPM) efforts.

Are you facing challenges with your business process management program?  Well, a Business Process Framework might be the solution you need! 




A process framework establishes standards for designing, implementing, and governing processes. There are four categories of standards:

  • Process Categorization:  These are guidelines for organizing processes to make them easily navigable. One popular method for process categorization is process levels.  To learn more, check out this short video on process levels
  • Process Mapping & Documentation:  This refers to standards around process deliverables, such as creating flow diagrams, designing process guides, and using artifacts such as SIPOC diagrams or RACI charts.  Check out these articles on Process Mapping and Process Documentation
  • Process Metrics & Governance:  After implementing a process, it is essential to measure its performance, control its execution, and improve it based on performance and user behavior data. This category sets KPIs, reporting, process ownership, and continual process improvement standards. Check out this article on The Importance of Business Process Governance in BPM.
  • Process Management Tools:  This category sets the standards for process mapping tools, process repositories, and process automation software. Check out this article on How Business Process Automation Increases Efficiency and Reduces Costs.

Business Process Frameworks can provide a consistent approach to managing processes across all departments.

Also, a Process Framework can enhance communication by making it easier for employees to comprehend their company's cross-functional processes and the responsibilities assigned to them within the processes.

A Business Process Framework helps drive process adoption by setting standards for measuring and implementing processes. 

And finally, process frameworks provide the tools needed for collaboration and continuous process improvement.

Additional Resources:

So, consider implementing a Business Process Framework.  It's the perfect guide to taking your process management initiatives to the next level. 

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